Lab InfoTech Summit
Summit Conference Highlights:

  • A faculty consisting of pathology informatics and clinical lab experts who will deliver 17 lectures and provide answers to your most challenging questions
  • Approximately 35 exhibitors displaying their products in a single large room the largest exhibition of its kind in the country
  • Opening reception for networking with colleagues and getting an early look at the exhibitor products
  • A workshop focusing on the use of the LIS and pathology informatics to increase quality and safety in both anatomic and clinical pathology
  • Abundant time in the program for interacting with faculty members and browsing the exhibitor ballroom
  • Elegant conference space and room accommodations at one of the most beautiful hotels in Las Vegas

    Introducing: LITS-INTEROP: A Demonstration of an Out-of-the-Box Interface Solution for LISs

    Lab InfoTech Summit 2009 will feature for the first time a demonstration in the Exhibitor Ballroom of a cross-platform, cross-vendor, web-enabled information system interface technology called LITS-Interop.